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We’re so excited to invite you to become part of our monthly membership for just £2.50 per month.

What will we be offering you for your money?

  • Firstly and foremost we will be keeping a presentable, easy to understand straight talking calendar of events in YOUR area!

  • We will also be offering you tonnes of ‘enhanced content’, what the heck does that mean??! Well we’ve been putting our free downloadables together for you on our Facebook page, we will continue to do this and offer it for free, but we will now also be adding extra juicy bits for you included in your memebrship.

  • We will be planning future pop-up cafe events that will be free entry to our lovely subscribers.

  • We Are constantly adding to and gathering dicounts and money off vouchers from the lovely family based businesses in our area! (EEEEE, EXCITING!!)

  • And all of this will be forever growing, forever changing, the longer you stay in our tribe the more we will be able to give you.

What do I need to do to sign up?

Well all you need to do is sign up for Your Account here. Try us, you can stop your membership at any time! And checkout the black banner at the top of the page to find out if we have an offer on right now!