Play Dressing Up

Play Dressing Up

Raid the wardrobes

If they are lucky then your children might have a whole host of dressing up clothes and this activity is a regular in your household anyway. On the other hand you might not have much in the way of outfits, either way you can definitely jazz up the game of dressing up by raising your own wardrobes! Try on shoes, shirts as dresses with a belt, ties or bow ties etc, etc.

Add a little jewellery?

If you plan ahead of time you could sort your jewellery and make a collection of more robust pieces that your children will think are really precious💎! You could probably spend a good half an hour just looking and these and trying them on. And please don’t think this is just for girls, boys love a bracelet or necklace just as much! You could even add a little make-up… 💄

Make it a game?

Make a game out of your dressing up time and introduce some role play. Could your little one pop on a bow tie and be a waiter at lunch time? Or add a lanyard and tie and play teachers? There are lots of ways you can play without having to buy anything new. 👗👔

Who doesn’t love a charity shop bargain?

If you want to you could extend the activity into a trip out to the park or perhaps try some money handling skills. Give your child a small budget and head to your local charity shop, you will find all sorts! Let their imaginations run wild… 💭

Fancy adding something new to their fancyful wardrobes?

Here’s one example of a costume that out little people love. Click through and you can find lots more out there too… ☺️