Have a picnic

Have a picnic

Children love to go for a picnic…

…and there are plenty of lovely places to go in Ramsey and surrounding areas. You could combine it with one of more of the other free things to do on our list too!. Or even stay at home, put a rug out on the lawn at lunchtime instead of sitting at the table and you suddenly have a special occasion to break up your day.

And when it’s raining? Well who doesn’t love a carpet picnic??? Just pop an extra tarpaulin or table cloth under your picnic blanket to save from spills…

And then there is what to eat!! We’ve come up with some suggestions for where and what but please add your ideas in the comments box. You never know, you might save a fellow mum’s sanity with a new idea they hadn’t thought of! 


We’ve mentioned staying at home if the weather is bad or you can’t leave the house for other reasons. But if we do need to get free of those four walls then where shall we go??? 

The park! Plenty to do here to keep little ones entertained once the sandwiches have gone and most villages have at least one they can go to. If it is a hot day then try to get somewhere with a bit of shade… if you have transport you could always drive to the next village and try out somewhere new 😃. 

The woods…. We are very lucky to have some stunning woodland on our doorstep so why not pack up the car and enjoy the dappled shade of the trees while you eat. Try Holme Wood, Monks Wood, Ladies Wood, Hinchingbrooke Park, Sawtry Woods…. Any others I haven’t mentioned? Just be sure to take some mosquito repellent so they don’t cause you any problems while you are there. 

You can also find some great information on whats available out there at these great local websites…





The Fen. Ramsey Heights boasts its own Wildlife Trust Countryside Centre which has a feast of walls and potential picnic areas. Start at the countryside classroom and follow the maps 😃. 


What to pack??

We all know how to make a good sandwich and if your children are like mine, it’s their favourite meal!!! But you could mix up your picnic with a few added extras to make it even more special…. 

Veg kebabs - cherry tomatoes, chunks of cucumber, peppers etc on a cocktail stick! 

Fruit kebabs - same idea, any chunks of fruit you have at home, just makes it a bit more exciting. Squeeze some lemon juice on any fruits that might go brown quickly. 

Quesadillas - check out our recipe for these yummy treats. Just as good cold or hot and add any ingredients you have to hand. 

Pitta pizzas - same as the quesadillas, just follow our recipe. 

Cooked and cooked freezer food - chicken nuggets/dippers, sausage rolls, pizzas and an easy way to brighten up your picnic too.

We have lots more ‘Nearly Free’ ideas coming, keep checking back for more.

Looking for a new picnic blanket?

You can find a great range here…