Write to a Pen Pal

Write to a Pen Pal

You might think “but my children don’t have pen pal!”, well think again!

Your child could write a note, colour in a picture, paint a few brown swirls on a page and post them to just about anyone in your address book and they would be thrilled to receive it. Think of relatives first, Grandparents love to hear from their grandchildren, especially if they live far away. If your child would rather write to another child you could think of cousins, friends children or school mates. There is something about putting that piece of paper in an envelope, addressing it and putting it in the post box. And give a child the responsibility of adding a stamp and you’d think they were writing to the Queen! Even if you hand post it you can add a sticker for effect.

Why not make an outing out of it?

Give them a budget and pop to the post office to chose some stationary, envelopes and stamps. That way it’s a little educational too.

What to write??

If your child is lacking inspiration you could suggest telling their pal about anything you have been doing this holiday, picnics, play dates etc. Or check the local news, your child might want to share a story that interests them. If you have more of a creative genius on your hands then produce some art work. This is also ideal for those not yet able to write or who prefer not to!

And the best thing about writing to a pen pal?

If your child is really lucky, they will get something back!!! Can you remember how exciting it was to receive some post? Not now, it’s always bills now but when you were a child it was the most magical thing. And then you can start the process all over again…

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