Visit a river

Visit a river

There’s a lot you can do by a river, I find they have that magical ability to calm the wildest of children as they are compelled to just stop and stare…

Once that feeling has passed you really need an activity or two to do. You might be lucky and have a river nearby with boats or canoes to hire. Safety first, remind your children of the dangers of the water and if they are in a boat they MUST have a life jacket on.

Even if your children are strong swimmers it is never advisable to swim in a river, you just don’t know what the currents are like, how deep it is or if there are weeds you can get tangled in. It just isn’t worth the risk. Find your local lido if you want a swim outdoors!

With children it is always wise to have food with you! So take a picnic blanket and your favourite picnic treats and settle down. Your could use the river to keep bottles of drink cool. Make sure you screw the lid firmly on, tie a piece of string to the bottle and secure it on a branch or rock to make sure it doesn’t float away!

If there is a bridge nearby you can’t cross it without a good game of pooh sticks. Or if you have a rod you could try a spot of fishing.

And before you go you could pack yourselves a picnic lunch. We have some great ideas for that too…