A Surprising Day

Have you visited Dobbies Huntingdon Lately?

I was reminded of a few things today as we headed to Dobbies for a quick pre holiday shop.

I often forget that our oldest is at school all day during the week so misses out on the trips out that we so enjoyed in his preschool days. So caught up in the enrichment I can provide for his brother and sister that I don’t take into account that the regular haunts of his younger days are just a blurry memory for him. We needed a spare swim top and were reliably informed that Mountain Warehouse had some at a good price so off we went. Unfortunately they had sold out but thankfully Fatface stepped into the breach with some lovely tops in the sale at just £7.50 each!

I was then reminded by child 2 that there was some soft play that needed attention just around the corner… Thinking it was too small to keep child 1 occupied for long I agreed to a visit so long as it wasn’t too busy. Joined the cue for a coffee and sent the boys off to check how busy it was. They eventually returned (child 1 holding child 2 by the collar of his rather fetching banana shirt supplied by a jet setting uncle from his recent trip to Thailand…) with a confusing message about only 3 chairs, no tables but the soft play was definitely open. Resigned to squeezing in on people’s laps we duly ordered a coffee and a hot chocolate for the boys to share.

If you are not already a member of Dobbies you should definitely consider it. For just £10 for the year you get two free drinks a month! My interest pretty much ends there but I’m sure there are other benefits to the membership.. 🤷‍♀️. I asked for a spare cup for the hot chocolate and was very kindly offered some extra milk to cool their drink down. All free so far! And off we wandered to the soft play to find it virtually empty! The tables and chairs had been moved out and food and drink banned from inside the soft play area. Sounds bad but actually it made the area much more spacious and more relaxed… So off toddled newly walking child 3 cackling in delight (as baby number 3 she knows all about soft play 😂). And the boys disappeared for the next hour! Only resurfacing every now and then for a sip of hot chocolate. I dived in with the toddler and genuinely had a whale of a time with all three. The confined nature of the play area meant that for once I could keep up with all three and play with all of them. No clock watching, no begging to leave soon, just fun with all three. 

When our time was up as child 3 had tired herself out with all the climbing and sliding they left without a problem. Remembering the joy the fish always brought child 1 we made a detour on the way out with cries of “it’s Nemo” and “Look how big that one is” and “mummy can we have some fish food??”. A genuinely lovely few hours that I was expecting to be a quick shop and home again.

So the take home message today was that child 1 still loves his old favourite trips out, size isn’t everything and that Dobbies is a bargain if you play your cards right!

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